Hi, I’m Renee Hiskins, co-founder of MWax, business owner and mum of three.

MWax is proudly Australian owned and has supported the therapy and sports profession markets for over 15 years.

Our family business began when my husband Brad decided to leave his job as a massage therapist with the Australian Institute of Sport. The continuous travel was a challenge and it was time for change. In 2004 we established our first massage clinic with four staff. As I managed the business and sourced treatment products I soon realised how limited the choice actually was.

Brad, the staff and I put all our experience and ideas into the development of creating the perfect treatment lubricant. Our experiments started out in the staff kitchen and gradually migrated to a dedicated production facility.

As my three children grew they became involved in the business, loving to help with labeling and postage. It truly is a family run business. We enjoy the creative process, producing a quality product that delivers supreme results. The business has been a huge part of our family too. It’s not just about growing a business, it’s about growing my children.

Today MWax is the preferred product for our twenty five massage therapists in our four massage clinics, as well as our growing customer base. We are now taking MWax to a larger audience and are excited to share this amazing product on a global scale.