• Can be edible but most benefits are external
• Can be used in aromatherapy, cosmetically, and medicinally
• Anti-bacterial, can help with abrasions and healing skin
• Locks in moisture in skin, which can protect from weather
• Will not clog pores (Good when needed frequent reapplied)
• Anti-Sceptic
• Anti-Viral
• Pure-Nothing artificial
• Mild scent to scentless-Will not irritate clients
• COSMETIC: Hydrating, Softening, Smoothing, Non-Comedogenic, Protective, Smoothing, Regenerative, Strengthening, Conditioning, Soothing, Collagen-Enhancing.
• MEDICINAL: Anti-Allergenic, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Protective, Regenerative, Strengthening. (, 2019)

Used In:

• Original
• Recover
• Sport
• Relax
• Hotspot