MWax is a natural, chemical free, massage product used by leading therapists and sports professionals.


MWax is Australia’s most trusted professional massage wax. Created by therapists, for therapists as the perfect treatment tool.

The original MWax is 100% Australian owned and has been the go to product for therapist for over ten years.  MWax is proudly sourced and manufactured in Australia.

We using nothing but natural, chemical free ingredients in our products.

Are you working in a hands-on treatment environment? If you work in soft tissue therapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, remedial massage, then MWax is a must.

MWax takes your treatment practice and client experience to a higher level.

We offer more than just a massage medium, we offer efficacy and excellency through a premium medium that promotes relaxation, recovery and rehabilitation.


MWax Original


MWax is a life changer!

Now only is it natural and chemical free, but it leaves the skin feeling amazing.

My entire family now use it. It’s so versatile expecially for those with sensative skin.

Jodie Marques

We only use the best in the biz for our clients.

MWax gives us the best grip to release tight fascia and muscles… plus it’s natural.

Made with natural bees wax and made downunder baby!!

Body Health Creation

11 years I’ve worked as a soft tissue therapist.

11 years I’ve used MWax.

Without a doubt, the BEST product on the market.


Tracey Rowe